There are many great benefits to be derived from the consumption of cannabis. Whether you have a serious medical condition for which cannabis can help provide you with symptom relief, or you simply enjoy the way regular consumption relaxes you, growing marijuana plants can be an enjoyable and money-saving pursuit.
You do of course need to make sure that you are fully aware of the laws regarding the growing of marijuana plants in your state and country. These will change depending on where you are, with certain areas completely banning their growth.
Other places will allow you to grow a certain amount of plants or only certain strains. Laws can also take into account how far away you are from a dispensary in order to gauge whether or not you should be able to grow your own plants.
Once you have covered your bases in this regard, you will then be ready to get started with growing some marijuana plants. There are so many different strains of plants these days that it can be hard to know where to start.
If this is one of your first times trying to grow marijuana plants, you particularly should pay attention to what strains you are growing, as some are easier than others to maintain and grow. It also depends on what sort of climate and environmental conditions you are exposed to.
Certain strains will deal with low water levels, insects and disease better than others; some will need to have more nutrients given to it than others. Therefore, when you are just beginning out with growing marijuana plants, it is important that you are cultivating strains which are easier and forgiving to grow while still having a good balance in terms of the quality and quantity of the marijuana.
You are probably wondering what strains fit into these conditions. Well, here are five different strains which don’t need too much looking after and in general are easy enough to grow.

1. Green Crack

Green Crack is a strain which originated from California, and it is ideal for those who are newcomers to the growing of marijuana plants. It is a popular strain for growing outdoors due to the great weather in California, where constant sunshine and limited rain allow growers to better control growth conditions than in wetter climates.
If you are looking for a strain that is very much sativa-dominant, this is the ideal option for you. It has a sweet citrus smell and it leads to consumers having a feeling of high energy, providing you with a high that is somewhat motivational and uplifting. The majority of sativa strains will be tougher to grow as a result of the longer time it takes to flower and the level of upward stretch, with Green Crack perhaps being the most manageable of them.
As it has some Indica genetics, the flowering time has been greatly accelerated compared with other sativa strains, and this strain also generates yields which are much greater. Green Crack can be a lot harder to find than more popular strains because it is clone-only, and therefore you could be hard-pressed to locate it when not in the West Coast.

2. Cinex

Cinex is another strain that is sativa-dominant, with THC levels rising as high as 22%. This strain originates from Vortex and Cinderella 99, which means that it has a lot of the same characteristics, such as providing a high-energy feeling of euphoria ideal for productivity and fuelling the creative process.
Cinderella 99 has genetics which are notorious for giving large yields that are high in THC, with plants that tend to be bushy in nature. Vortex is better known for its euphoric feeling that its intensity.
When combined together, you will be dealing with a strong strain that is ideal for beginner growers. It can be easily grown in tight spaces while still producing a quality plant. There are certain mildew and mold resistance genetics it also has, which will make it sturdier.

3. Blue Dream

This is perhaps the most popular option for consumers and it is also ideal for beginner growers. There is a nice balance between a blissful high and being physically relaxing. As it is a light strain, it is ideal for use during the day and can help alleviate the likes of bad moods, pains, and stress.
The seeds and clones are commonplace as a result of its immense popularity as a strain. It can deal well with root rot and powdery mildew, two inhibitors for the growth of a lot of cannabis gardens.
It is a high yielding strain and it certainly has effects which fall in line with its overall level of popularity.

4. Northern Lights

This is another well-known strain, although its heritage is somewhat mysterious, but it is mainly Indica. It leads to a feeling of euphoria and is ideal for relaxation and stress relief. Do note that the instances of dry mouth are greater with this strain.
You have the option of both indoor and outdoor growing, but it tends to do better when grown outdoors. It’s a tough strain that does not have a long period of harvesting. It only takes about two months to be harvested from the point of flowering. Generally, you will get a decent yield despite not growing very tall. There is not much flavor, but its effects are certainly potent.

5. Jack Herer

The effects with this strain are top notch, catering for creativity with a euphoric high while still being uplifting. It is ideal for pain relief, as well as helping to reduce anxiety and stress. It is the ideal strain for beginner growers and it will often grow to a tall height.
It has a relatively fast harvesting time of about two and a half months, and it generally grows well indoors. Furthermore, it is not too resistant to very hot temperatures on a sustained basis, which is why certain climates may not be suitable to outdoor growth of this strain. It is versatile and doesn’t really have a preference when it comes to the type of soil, light levels, etc.